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Breaking News: Laitlang ah Motor aa let

Breaking News: Laitlang ah Motor aa let

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by March 15, 2019 Chin, Home

Laitlang ah motor accident a um, a thi mi cu an um hraw lo tiah Zalen nih a tarlangh. Hi thil hi 14 March 2019 ah a cang mi a si.

Hi kong he pehtlai in an chim ning ahcun “Mindat le Matupi karlak a kal mi, khualtlawng pawl a phor mi motor pakhat cu Matupi lam, mengtung (72) zawn ah accident a tong.  Motor aa let ning hi lam cung lila ah a si, hnu lei aa thawnnak ah aa let sual. Vanthat ah motor aa cit mi chung in minung a tlawmte lawng nih hliamhma an tuar pin ah a thimi zong an um hraw lo” tiah an chim.

Tukar hrawng hi thawngpang chia a um ngai lio a si, kan hnu te zong ah Kalay-Yangon lam ah motor accident hoi i minung tam ngai an rak thi. A tutan zong ah motor accident nak a chuak tthan nain vanthat ah hliamfak tuar an um hraw lo i a thimi an um hraw lo.



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